Basket Battle


Basket Battle is an attractive sports game and is enjoyed by basketball lovers. In the game, show your top passing skills and create goals for your team.

Teams frequently employ their best players for 30 minutes or more every night, however, this might vary depending on the significance of the game. However, in today's Professional Basketball League, bench players are more crucial than ever, since roster depth is greater than it has ever been in the league's history. Previously, teams' strategies revolved around getting the ball to their tallest players for shoots as near to the hoop as possible. Today, each team's concentration is placed on three-point shooting, since the decreased percentage of making a three-point shot is offset by the increasing value of the shot itself. How about your basketball ability? Are you confident in your ability to overcome your opponent in the Basket Battle game? Tap the screen to control the ball, and then release it to let it fall. Continue shooting if the ball does not end up in the rim, but keep an eye out for your opponent's ball or a collision in which your ball gets off course. I believe you will succeed!

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How to play

Tap to play and make beautiful passes to win.