Granny is a completely fun game for you to try. You are being kidnapped by the dangerous Granny, wait for the right moment and then run away quickly.

To escape the horror arcade game, you must make your way through Granny's squeaky chambers and poorly illuminated hallways. No amount of stillness will be enough to keep Granny from hearing you go since she has great hearing. She will thus rush over as soon as she hears you making a fuss. You lose a day every time Granny or one of her traps catches you, and the next day you'll wake up in bed. Just keep in mind that your window for travel is only five days. The transition between rooms should be audible. Granny can hear you over all the noise. Use this strategy to capture her attention. She is incredibly detailed and can pinpoint the origin of any sound, but she lacks intelligence and is easily tricked. If you need anything to defeat Granny, look around the house. There is no way to predict where any one object will end up because everything is initially strewn about randomly. Consider taking out the trash in private. To do this, you can throw things on various desks, tables, shelves, cabinets, and soft furnishings. Keep quiet and pay attention to the creaky floor. Then, it will be much quieter to move around the rooms. Run, you're bigger than Granny. Close any doors that are in her path to prevent her from continuing. They will discover a number of other mysteries that Granny keeps hidden behind locked doors as they travel. Her favorite spider, who is kept in a cage at the top of the tower, is turned into a secondary foe. Keep in mind that Granny's victim could be identified with a keen eye for detail.

When you finish this adventure, you can participate in other adventures in Tailed Monsters - Puzzle, Bloo Kid 2, World Craft, Ultra Pixel Survive: Winter Coming, and EvoWorld.io.

How to play

Use the mouse and control your character to escape based on the hints along the way.