Water Sort Puzzle


Water Sort Puzzle is a light puzzle game. To become the winner, you just need to sort the water in the test tube into categories as quickly as possible.

Different colored liquids should be separated, and then the liquid should be put into the cups based on the color of the water so that each cup has the same color. The UI of the watercolor sort puzzle game is simple, and the sorting method is simple, but it will test your reasoning abilities significantly. The complexity of the water connect challenge will gradually increase as more cups and colors are added. Now I'm sorting. In this amusing puzzle game, sort things by color and fill the tubes. To put your thinking to the test, choose which tube to fill next. Make every effort to level up in preparation for the impending challenge! If you make a mistake, you have a few options. You have two choices: go back one step or restart the level entirely. Every level provides you five chances to undo a move, but there are occasions when starting over and trying again makes more sense. Consider your options and choose the best one.

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How to play

Use mouse and play.