WorldCraft is a version of the legendary Minecraft. Now you continue to adventure with your rich imagination. Inspire a spirit of endless exploration and adventure.

The greatest update for WorldCraft players is now available!

Come to WorldCraft and create your ideal base, mine, fortress, or whatever you can think of!

With boundless resources, WorldCraft allows experienced craftsmen to design their own fantasy world. Hours of entertainment await you: build mansions with gorgeous gardens, castles, and woods, go mining, swimming, and so on. And joy is always free, you are the creator of your own world, be a lover or a destroyer, the choice is yours. by the video game Minecraft


You may now play multiplayer with friends, family, and individuals from all around the world. You may talk to them and teleport close to them to create spectacular, massive, and gorgeous environments. And you can rescue the planet in a single mode even if you don't have access to the internet. You may open it up for your team to make it better when you need to show off, need help, or have Internet. Save often to prevent losing progress. Make a map with many other players in multiplayer and save it to your smartphone for offline usage. You could also fire other people if you want.

Please give us 5 stars so that we may continue to improve the game. We are working on additional significant items, such as online challenges and actual prizes for the winning team, multiplayer warfare, hidden enormous treasure, Ready castle and big house, and much more.

Features of WorldCraft

  • Incredible 3D creations
  • Lite Fun Exploration
  • Pleasant Atmosphere
  • Real-time block crafting
  • There are several creatures.
  • Taking on hostile crowds
  • Various weapons

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How to play


  • MOVE THE MOUSE to reposition the camera.
  • LEFT CLICK to mine a resource.
  • RIGHT CLICK to use an object or resource.


  • PRESS THE ARROW KEYS OR W, A, S, D to move.
  • PRESS THE E button to inspect your inventory.