Noob vs. Pro Castle Defense

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Noob vs. Pro Castle Defense


With Noob vs. Pro Castle Defense, you need to help Noob create a new kingdom and protect it from space monsters. A challenging world is waiting for you.


We start with helping the cute Noob build his own kingdom. And the task immediately after is to protect Noob and his golden crown from all the evil emanating from the red gate. We will spend the night inside the thick walls of your castle and spend the day exploring new lands! Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Noob vs. Pro Castle Defense's story

The moment Noob opened his eyes, he realized that he didn't have to wait for the world to change in order to live his greatest life. Instead, he decided to create his own little paradise on earth! What a right decision! He stormed the castle, took the crown, and never returned to the dull world in which he had gnawed his sorrows for so long. But unfortunately for him, this is where things start to get really difficult. Any innovation without difficulties and challenges.

For now, he still needs to defend against violent attacks at night. Although the ideal location for campfires and stone walls has been identified. You can totally help him in this situation. In fact, Noob desperately needs a strategist to take over and reorganize his entire fledgling kingdom. Building mines and smithy to increase your revenue and building defense rate is a prerequisite. At the same time, you also need to find the ideal locations to locate the watchtower and your skilled archers. And then driving the bad creatures back to their original location was the primary goal. Use 100% of your skills to help this little pixel companion and you will get the opposite from that kind friend.

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The features from Noob vs. Pro Castle Defense

  • Noob appeared in another adventure!
  • Exciting and never ending game
  • Harder with each attack
  • Funny character
  • Adaptive characteristics


Noob vs Pro Castle Defense created by Stickman vs Monster School Team.

PUBLISHED: Fri Sep 16 2022
MOBILE MODE: Landscape
DIMENSIONS: 1280x720

How to play

  • Use A, D to move and the spacebar to open the update menu.