Puppet Hockey


Puppet Hockey is an extremely addictive sports game. Bring victory to your team by getting as many points as possible and surprising your opponents.

To advance to the next round, you have 60 seconds to try to score more points than your opponent. You may raise your total score and take the top place on the Lagged leaderboards in this amusing online sports game by winning matches. Strike the puck appropriately while maintaining goal protection to score goals. After picking a side for the competition, strive to win as many games as you can. You may choose your nation and form a team to compete against the opposing side in this engaging game. The purpose of one-on-one ice hockey matches using the top 16 international teams is to outscore your opponent by as many goals as you can. Every milestone you reach earns you coins. At the Ice Hockey World Cup, you must play noticeably better than the opposition in order to earn more money. By improving them or introducing new ones, players' beginning points can be increased. One could be able to improve their jumping, skating, and shooting skills. Play ice hockey against one of the top 12 international teams, one-on-one. For this ice hockey match, have your skates and attire ready. To score as many goals as you can, work on your launch and puck-hitting tactics.

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How to play

To be able to move the character, use the mouse to move or the arrow keys. Good luck.