Mr Noob Pro Archer


Mr Noob Pro Archer is an archery action game in which you will shoot with Noob to destroy enemies. You need to be really agile to not be in danger.

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Story of the game

One fine day, a gang of thieves are making their way to our beloved Noob mansion without warning. They will not hesitate to harm our poor Noob with their arrows or swords. And to prevent the house from being destroyed, our hero has also been equipped with bows and arrows with a fighting determination stronger than ever. Mr Noob Pro Archer is your chance to support him in this arduous long battle.

The screen in front of you will depict your character at a certain location. With the only weapon of the bow in hand, our opponent will be seen from a distance Noob but still within range of the bow. To summon the dotted line, you need to use the mouse to click on the character. Thanks to it, you can also use it to calculate the power and trajectory of your arrow shot. Then quickly shoot an arrow when you feel that the conditions are right for your wishes and calculations. If your eyesight and judgment are perfect, the arrow will hit the enemy and you will get bonus points for that success. However, keep in mind that you must do this as soon as possible.

If you knock down your opponent, your score will increase quickly. But if they attack you too much and consume all of your health, you will lose just as quickly. That's why you need to focus and don't let that unlucky thing happen. Various abilities can fall from the sky, and you can use arrows to capture and activate them.

A few suggestions

You can also go to the store and buy beautiful armors and skins with the money you earn after each successful battle. These are the basic principles of this game. Therefore you should be prepared to give it your all and have a great time as it can only happen here!

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How to play

Use the mouse.