Parkour Block 2


Parkour Block 2 is a game that combines running and jumping with Minecraft graphics. You and Steve will have to cross dangerous roads to reach the End Gate.

Parkour Block 2 intro

It's great that Parkour Block 2 returns with extremely worthwhile upgrades. We call this a big step to conquering the love and trust of our beloved players. It is certain that the number of fans of the Parkour Block series will continue to increase after this 2nd series.

The gameplay of Parkour Block 2

Coming to Parkour Block 2 this time, you will face a situation where the ground is covered with a layer of lava. You know, lava is always hot and dangerous. However, that does not mean that you cannot reach the place where the magic gate is located.

Use your own strength and skills to make the most accurate jumps. Be decisive in your every move because every jump is once your life is put to the real test. Jumping from one block to the next requires precision and speed. Don't forget that once you fall into an unbalanced situation, your life is no longer guaranteed.

The game is shown on pixel-style graphics, so it's easier to locate the location. In addition, that is also the real attraction for fans of the legendary Minecraft game. There is no game where the character can last forever. But your main task is to maintain it for as long as possible. Show your skills and become the longest player of this fascinating game. Exploration and adventure are always the spirits that are clearly expressed in Minecraft-style games

Features from Parkour Block 2

Classic game
Many skills to perform
Join on your computer and phone browser
Multi-level game
Many difficult challenges


Release Date?

Parkour Block 2 was published on Aug 26, 2021.


Parkour Block 2 was made playable by Poly Games.


Parkour Block 2 is exclusively available on the PC online and mobile. On your computer, you may play free online games.

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How to play

  • Desktop:
    • SPACE - jump
    • WASD - move
    • L. SHIFT - running
    • Double Escape - Menu
  • Mobile: Touch