Hot Dog Bush


Hot Dog Bush is an especially interesting game for those who love to cook. Mr. Bush has opened a restaurant in the game and he needs your help to manage it.

In this game, the player takes control of George W. Bush, who finds himself working as a hot dog vendor after the end of his term as president. The player must glance over their head at the customers' meal requests and make the hot dogs accordingly. They must not overcook the hotdogs or they will be thrown away. The player should also aim to serve as quickly as possible for greater tips, and not keep clients waiting for too long or they will leave. First, prepare hot dogs and other types of cuisine depending on client requests. Next, you need to click or drag food to prepare and serve clients. Achieve your daily objective in Hot Dog Bush Online and ascend from the Bronx to Wall Street! As you go, additional menu selections become accessible. Do you have what it takes to run the finest hotdog stand in town?

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How to play

Make hotdogs for guests then drag the mouse to give them food.