MineClicker is an exciting clicking game based on the Minecraft theme. Your mission is to click to kill mobs and mine blocks to earn points and buy upgrades.

Are you a fan of clicking games and Minecraft games? This game is ideal for you because this game is combined the clicking game and the Minecraft theme. In this game, you have to click to eliminate all mobs and animals such as chickens, rabbits, cows, sheep, etc. After defeating enemies, you can earn money to hire recruits such as Hugh or Omar to click automatically. Besides that, you can buy weapons to damage more mobs and blocks simultaneously.

Fight a variety of MineClicker creatures.

Kill Minecraft mobs one by one to gain experience points. You may use those gleaming points to hire new employees or enhance existing ones. Each hire has mob and blocks DPS numbers that help you to defeat enemies more quickly. When the level of the game improves, they become significantly greater on recruits.

Purchase weapons to combat the mobs.

You may buy and improve guns on the weapon upgrades screen. There is a progression to stronger gear, similar to Minecraft, beginning with your hands and wooden instruments. Weapons are purchased using stone bits obtained by demolishing blocks.

Increase your level to gain more money.

The creatures and blocks in MineClicker will level up as you go. Level up by defeating boss levels where the mob boss has a timer. If you do not kill them in time, their health will be reset.

You can select which level to stay at till the time comes to advance. Leveling up earns you more money for every block destroyed or mob member slain, but as with many clicker games, the cost of new things rises as well!


  • There are 70 levels in all, with 14 boss levels.
  • There are 32 mobs to kill.
  • There are 40 blocks to mine.
  • 14 different locales

Date of Publication

May 2019 (WebGL). Since November 2020, the game has been upgraded to use Unity 2020, making it playable on mobile browsers!


Dimofan created this game.


The web browser (desktop and mobile)


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How to play

  • Left mouse click to hit mobs and cubes