Miner Cat 4


Miner Cat 4 is the next volume of the Miner Cat series in which you have to mine to collect materials and resources to build and explore the world.

You will transform into a cartoon cat, Bob, to dig minerals in this game. Let's collect as many minerals as possible. After collecting, you can sell them and receive money to upgrade your tools. The more modern your tools are, the more resources you get. Gather resources to build craft your world while exploring various environments such as lakes, mountains, and caves.

The mechanics are simple. You can be easy to master but exciting to enjoy. You can experience beautiful landscapes, discover new and strange scenery and enjoy great adventures. In specially, this game is suitable for all ages. You can release stress and boredom after a long workday.

Features of Miner cat 4

  • Exploring game
  • Various minerals
  • Earn money to buy upgrades

How to play

  • Move: AD or left and right arrow keys
  • Jump: W or up arrow key or spacebar
  • Talk to Bob: F
  • Select items: 1-6
  • Use items: left mouse button
  • Drop items: Q
  • Inventory: E
  • Pause: P