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Description is an online game with Minecraft-style graphics and varied gameplay. The game offers various game modes such as fighting, parkour and sandbox creation.

Game modes in

We are proud to introduce to you the extremely attractive game modes of this game. You will have to chonags overwhelmed because of their diversity and abundance. With the assumption that every game mode has its own attractive points. We believe you will find the game mode that best suits your interests and skills.

In general, once logged into the game mode, your task is to move by turning, jumping and of course running to compete for the top spot with the highest score. You will receive a bonus converted from the number of points you win after each game. Therefore, use them wisely in the shop and equip your character with the most skillful skills.


You are back to the atmosphere that cannot be more familiar with the legendary Minecraft game. You don't have a fixed time. You are allowed to freely explore everywhere. Do not forget to exploit the endless resource and use it to build the architecture of your own.


It's great that the style of is incorporated into this game mode. Each game will have a random theme. Your task is to use different blocks to build architectures that best represent that theme in a fixed time period. When the time runs out, an exhibition of the players' works will be held. A vote will be held. The author of the architecture that best represents the idea of ​​the theme and gets the most votes wins.


Now, BloxdHop's style has been reproduced in an equally attractive way. Show off your skillful parkour skills to set foot on the tower.

This mode requires you to move to the end of the map with a fixed amount of time. However, to do that, you need to jump through a difficult and dangerous path. Different levels with varying block sizes will be a challenge.


The time has come for us to face the intense yet exciting battles. This game mode gives players the chance to shoot gun battles with other players in a third-person perspective. However, it is still perfectly acceptable to build architectures in this mode. You just build blocks and fight with formidable opponents, sounds interesting, right?

Features from

  • In your web browser, you may explore entertaining, voxelated worlds for free.
  • Play a variety of game styles with varying objectives.
  • Earn gold for your accomplishments and use it in the shop.
  • Participate in multiplayer games with your pals.

Game FAQ

Release Date? was Originally released in February 2021.

Developer? was made playable by MCArth.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

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How to play

  • WASD to move
  • Shift or double-tap W to run
  • C, Z, \, or Caps Lock to crouch
  • T or Enter to chat
  • B to open shop
  • / to start command

DoodleCube Controls

  • Place blocks: right mouse button
  • Destroy placed blocks: left mouse button
  • Switch blocks: number keys or mouse middle button


  • rtv - not a fan of this map? Vote to skip it!
  • players - see the current players in your lobby
  • xp - See your level and XP
  • played - See how much time you've spent having tons of fun
  • nobuffs - Play through the maps without any buffs to place on a separate leaderboard!