Sandbox City - Cars, Zombies, Ragdolls

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Sandbox City - Cars, Zombies, Ragdolls


Sandbox City: Cars, Zombies, Ragdolls is an addictive survival and action game where you have to avoid or eliminate zombies by driving cars or using weapons.

Welcome to the world of cars, zombies, and ragdolls! In this game, you can explore a sandbox city full of zombies and ragdolls. In the beginning, it can be scary but exciting after you are familiar with these game mechanics. Your mission is to use weapons or drive cars to eliminate as many zombies as possible to protect this city as well as your life. Prevent the spread of infection of zombies before the situation is too late.

Besides that, you can enjoy the landscape and scenery in the sandbox city to relax. Experience great moments when driving around the city!

Features of Sandbox City: Cars, Zombies, Ragdolls

  • Addictive survival and action game
  • Sandbox city full of zombies
  • Singleplayer

How to play

  • WASD or arrow keys = move
  • Left-click = attack. Hold to shoot
  • Hold shift = run
  • Space = jump when on foot, handbrake when in the car
  • E = enter / exit car, buy items
  • R = switch between weapons
  • T = enter and exit Slo-Mo mode
  • L = lock / unlock mouse cursor
  • C = change camera perspective
  • Esc = quit