Ghost Fight IO


Ghost Fight IO is a fun and challenging game where you must try to avoid dangers along the path and race against time to be the last survivor.

What happens after death? You fight other charming ghosts in cage matches for tiny, light balls. The venue for these contests is a maze. You can float around in this place indefinitely seeking greater power while battling other people for it. No need to wait; we already possess boundless power.

Let's begin by introducing you by name. Put in a nickname to find matches. There is no choice but to run as quickly as you can if you don't want to be spotted. Fly in the direction of the dazzling pieces and gather them as you travel. Each ghost has a score printed on it that may be read. The upper left corner of the screen houses the scoreboard. Magnets, shields, and boots are the three different categories of boosters. While boots will haveten your pace, you must be cautious when using them.


Vivid 2D graphics

Sweet character creation

Accessible using mobile devices


Origaming Media

Release Date

July 25, 2022

How to play

To move, press W, A, S, D, the arrow keys, or your mouse