Minecraft.io is a simulation game similar to the traditional Minecraft version. You completely play Minecraft online without having to install this game on your computer.

Coming to Minecraft io, you do the same things as in the traditional Minecraft version. Such as building your own world with different allocations and architectures, building houses, farms to raise cows, chickens, sheep, or pigs, schools, roads, resource stores, and much more. many other projects.
Shadows and players are enemies of each other. Equip items like potions so you can see the night. When moving in the dark, remember that you must avoid and defend yourself at all times. As a result, you will be assured that growing fast and strong every day will help you to be safer.

You can get more prizes by playing mini-games like:

  • SkyWars - You are on an island and must destroy your opponent with all your cash.
  • BedWars - SkyWars with vast islands. In it, you have to defend your bed and destroy the opponent's bed.
  • Zombies - Do you like zombies? You have to withstand as many waves created by the zombies for as long as you can. Be the last survivor.
  • AmongUs - Complete missions with crew members to track down impostors.
  • Duels - Battle with two or four other players in Creative or Survival mode.
  • Deathmatch: You must use bows to shoot in endless battles.
  • Spleef: You must pay attention to dig a block of sand below your opponent's feet and to destroy them..
  • Maze: Simply find your way out of an incredibly tricky maze.

Features of Minecraft.io

  • Many different interfaces
  • Lots of mini-games included
  • Exciting mini-games
  • There are several materials and tools available.

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How to play


  • A - Strafe Left
  • S - Walk Back
  • W - Walk Forward
  • D - Strafe Right
  • SPACE - Jump/Fly
  • Shift - Sneak
  • CTRL - Sprint
  • Gameplay (Mouse)
  • Left Click - Attack/Destroy
  • Middle Click - Pick block
  • Right Click - Use Item / Place Blocks


  • E - Open/Close Inventory
  • 1 through 9 - Change Hotbar slots
  • F - Swap items in hands
  • Q - Drop selected item