Scratcharia is an addictive action and adventure game in which you have to collect all necessary materials to build shelter weapons and fight zombies at night.

Welcome to the world of Scratcharia, where you have to try to survive in the wildlife! If you are a fan of Minecraft, you will not be strange with the game series like this game because they all are based on the survival and collecting theme. Your mission is to collect materials, food, weapons and build a shelter to survive. You have to fight alone with various dangers such as zombies and monsters. Zombies and monsters often appear at night to attack and kill you. In order to protect yourself, avoid or eliminate them.

In this game, there are many different topographies with various resources as well as unique monsters. Try to collect as many as possible and overcome all obstacles and live in Scratcharia.

Features of Scratcharia

  • Exciting survival game
  • Various topographies with many different resources
  • Fight and eliminate all zombies and monsters

How to play

  • Move: AD or left and right arrow keys
  • Jump: W or up arrow key
  • Inventory/Chest: E
  • Select tools/items: 1-8
  • Interact: left mouse button