Elastic Minecraft 4


In Elastic Minecraft 4, the super hero is pushed to the limit. To see what occurs, tap and move about. You may choose from ten different characters to play.

Play this amusing game with the familiar and beloved Minecraft characters! A unique feature of each level's Minecraft character is that they are stretchy. To gain points, pick up the elastic ragdoll and play with it. Obtain a sufficient score to advance to the following level. See your favorite Minecraft characters by exploring each level!

Now play Elastic Minecraft 4!

The character picture is created of inflated rubber and was inspired by the game Minecraft. As a result, you may stretch and hurl them in any direction.
When you are agitated, you can push, pull, and hit them to release your tension.

The game is excellent for individuals who wish to pass the time without much thought.
You will be at ease!

Want to get rid of tension that has built up? Do it in a way that is incredibly unique and something you could not have done before. The well-known Minecraft characters are at your disposal, and you may expand them in many directions.

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How to play

  • Click or tap to control