Snake Game


Snake Game is a super cool and fun game for anyone who wants to try to compete with opponents from all over the world. Be the snake that eats the most apples.

Do you want to have a relaxing time playing games, but playing alone is too boring? With Snake Game, an upgrade from the original snake gaming, you may now compete against people from all around the world with unique gameplay. A lot of snakes, that is, your opponent and you are gathered in a common playground, around which there will be a lot of food and objects. Because they are so ravenously hungry, snakes must eat in order to replenish their energy and defend themselves from other dangerous snakes. In this situation, the snakes have the right to bite the opponent's back and obstruct their head in order to win. Snakes love apples, especially red ones, as a source of nutritious food. Picking apples quickly while defending yourself from danger on all sides is necessary if you want to survive. Many obstacles will stand in your way. The green water bottle needs to be closely scrutinized. If you unintentionally ingest some of what seems to be a miraculous elixir causes you to shrink. More importantly, you will perish if you carelessly approach a red bomb that you mistakenly think is an apple. You will also lose the fight right away if you face another snake head-on and allow your head to make contact with its body. The ripe head is the weak point of the snake, rely on it to knock down the opponent and become the strongest snake in this fierce competition.

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How to play

Use your mouse and control your snake to run around the playground and get food.