Gold Tower Defence


Gold Tower Defense is an interesting and exciting defense game where you must erect a tower in a specified position to defend gold from monster attacks.

In the past time, Gold Tower Defense has become the name that many people are most interested in. Join the game you will be joining an impressive new world. There, the player will transform into a hero who protects the golden tower from attacks from monsters.

There are 80 different story modes in all, as well as a PVP option where you can face off against live players. Gather the stars you obtain after winning a stage to receive rewards. By selecting a tower of the desired grade from the Tower Draw, try to advance in level. Attacks you launch will become more potent as you level up. You can use heroes and things wherever you want to help you win.

Invite your buddies over so you can celebrate a major victory and have a good time.


  • The game interface is impressive and sophisticated but easy to manipulate and experience.
  • Sharp, vivid game image

Release Date

April 2022 (Android)

October 2022 (HTML5)




Web browser (desktop and mobile)


How to play

  • Place the tower and utilize the stuff with the left mouse button or the arrow keys + enter.
  • Tap the screen on mobile.