Electron Dash


Electron Dash is an especially fun game for those who like dangerous challenges. Facing unpredictable obstacles, get away quickly to reach the finish line.

When playing this game you will be like an astronaut in an endless universe, traveling and experiencing challenging routes. Your task is to steer this astronaut so that you may avoid all the hazards and earn the highest score. You can maneuver your character through an unending tunnel to avoid crashing against things or falling into space. In case you float out into space, the game is over. On this experiential trip, it's possible to find stunning turquoise tunnels. These paths are akin to gem roads or you can see the night sky in particular from behind the platforms. The brilliant stars seem to be cheering you as you move forward. You will encounter red obstacles everywhere and no one knows where they come from so keep your distance from them to continue the task. If you hit one of these barriers, you lose. Moreover, there are numerous platforms that are vivid blue and very dangerous. These platforms will fall apart the moment you touch them. You must thus pay close attention to decide on the appropriate course of action. During the journey, you will also collect more items, especially red hearts, which help you can revive if you pass away. Through each level, the challenges will become more and more difficult, calculate the path and the steps carefully to reach the finish line.

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How to play

Control the character to move by pressing the move arrow buttons or AWSD.