Down the Mountain


The game Down the Mountain is a game of rapid descent. You need to move as low as possible while time is running out and must avoid obstacles.

Start an exciting trek down the world's tallest peak in Down the Mountain! Who thought going down would be harder? It was a challenge to climb up to enjoy the view. You had best watch your step on the way down since there are so many hazards and obstructions!

Among the splendors of these heights are vegetation, birds, and unusual flowers. Strangely enough, you've also observed a few automobiles and lions. In this game, your goal is to make it as far down the mountain as you can without dying. Fortunately, this game doesn't require climbing equipment! Using the left and right arrow keys, begin descending. You'll face a wide range of difficulties and impediments as you descend. Avoid them at all costs, lava rocks, spikes, vehicles, and lions all instantly kill you.

When walking on sand, take caution since they will eventually fall to the ground. If you jump on TNT blocks, they will explode, and if you don't get a bottle of antidote in 5 seconds, poison will kill you. Gain extra points by grabbing stars, chests by grabbing keys, and characters by completing missions! A wonderful time!

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Umbrella Games.

Release Date

July 2015 (iOS). March 2020 (WebGL).


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS


  • Aesthetic and 3D graphics
  • One hundred distinct characters are available.
  • Logical controls
  • Engrossing and addictive video games
  • Two options for world themes

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys to play this game.