Tailed Monsters - Puzzle

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Tailed Monsters - Puzzle


Tailed Monsters - Puzzle is a fun intelligence-building game in which you must guide the monster to its nest within the allocated time by navigating the island's wilds.

You can move the monsters about the maps in each level by dragging them from either their head or their tail. Each level's creatures will have a head of a specific color and a tail made of rocks. You must move each monster's head into a location that matches its color in order to complete the level, but only then. You must do this task before the time allotted for it expires on you because if that happens, you will lose. Each level includes a timer that is counting down.

It is one of the top new interactive puzzle games with logic elements that we've added to our website. It's a fantastic new title that can be played on mobile devices, is available in both English and Russian, and has a ton of awesome levels for you to try out and enjoy from beginning to end.


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Stickman vs Monster School Team.

How to play

  • To position each snake monster correctly, pull it by the head or tail.
  • The creatures can be moved around the field with your finger or mouse cursor.