Dinosaur Game


Dinosaur Game is an extremely interesting game with a familiar desert setting, you will help the dinosaur jump without being hit by the cactus.

Anyone who has ever used Google Chrome as their web browser is likely to have seen this issue. A little, gray dinosaur will show up on your computer's screen if it is not online. When you press the space bar, the dinosaur will move and run into a cactus as its first obstacle. The game's visual style consists mostly of black and white. To finish the level, you'll need to help him jump over pterodactyls and cacti. Pteranodons and cactus are the two most challenging hurdles. The dinosaur needs to conquer these challenges. There are no specific setup, equipment, or prior knowledge requirements for this game. Although playing this game is simple, achieving high scores is rather challenging. Focus on the trail and try to keep a careful eye on everything.

This game is designed for anyone who loves races such as Noob vs. Pro Castle Defense, Raid Heroes: Sword And Magic, Gunshoot Gang, and Pixel Gun Apocalypse 2.

How to play

For the dinosaur to jump over the cactus, use the spacebar.