MineParkour.Club is a fantastic running game based on the Minecraft theme. You have to run and jump to avoid all obstacles to reach the destination.

The intro of MineParkour.Club

Do you like intense and thrilling? Then this is the game for you! You will be caught up in the whirlpool of exciting adventures with Steve and other characters in the kingdom of Mynkraft. MineParkour.Club is a multiplayer bounce game in which you compete against gamers from all over the world. About the gameplay error of the game is relatively simple. However, you will have to put in a lot of effort to beat everyone and become a true Meinparkour expert.

Before starting this game, you can select your name and the character's skin to show your interest and personality. Your mission is to run and jump through all obstacles to reach the finish line first. Turn to the next levels. You can follow your achievement on the top-right screen and the top player on the top-left screen. See your position to continue trying.

In this game, you can experience various environments and maps. All will bring for you the most wonderful moments. Have fun!

MineParkour.Club gameplay

MineParkour Club is an extremely fun parkour game. Now, we have to control the character Steve from Minecraft through many levels of the game. You and Steve have to jump to get to the finish line. You always have to pay attention and stay calm to jump in the blank. If that happens, You will be forced to do that level again from the beginning. That's really uncomfortable.

What's more, other players in the room will compete fiercely with you. They all do their best to be the first to reach the goal and win the highest record score. Remember that there is only a fixed time to complete the level. You will fail if you exceed this time period. Try to explore all of our maps in MineParkour and practice hard to become the leader of the leaderboard.

Some tips to play MineParkour.Club

MineParkour.club, as the name suggests, is a parkour game with basic gameplay. It is not simple at all because the platforms are not close to each other. Moreover, the map section also changes constantly. So if you only learn to dance around one area, you will have to relearn everything when you join the dance on another area.

Use the WASD or arrow keys to move, click to lock the space and use the mouse pointer to jump.

How to Play: Compete with other players to complete the map when time runs out. You will earn more bonuses when your results are shortest. To get cool skins, spend money in the store.

Furthermore, because this is a multiplayer game, you will encounter other people. Don't forget to invite your friends to join the game to make the game even more fun.

Features of MineParkour.Club

  • Exciting gameplay based on the Minecraft theme
  • Multiplayer
  • Various skins
  • Compete for high scores
  • Friendly Graphics
  • Simple gameplay

MineParkour.Club FAQ

Release Date?

January 2020


MineParkour.Club was made playable by Calvin Ristad.


Web browser

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How to play

  • WASD to move
  • Space to jump
  • Click to lock pointer