Hole Io


Hole.io is a top attraction .io grow game right now. You start with a small black hole and try to collect everything you can to become the biggest black hole.

Game mode

Hole.io's default game mode is timed. You will be the winner if you are the one with the highest score when the time runs out. Besides, you can also play battle royale mode. This is an unlimited game option and gives the most excitement. Now, the level only ends when you become the last remaining black hole on the map.

How to play Hole.io

The growth game is usually limitless and focuses on consuming other players for large bonus points. And when you are collected by other players, you will have to start your level again

However, we would like to introduce Hole.io with completely different gameplay. Besides you can absorb opponents in the same map, it is more important that you need to absorb but your main purpose is to consume as many items as possible. It is this that plays a major role in helping your black hole to grow in size quickly during a match. If you are devoured, you will reappear after a few seconds.

Suggestions for Hole.io

You need to start your level by starting to consume small items like plants and people as soon as the level starts. Look for items that fit the size of your black hole so you don't get overwhelmed. This will make you expand your black hole quickly. At the same time, it also allows your black hole to pick up larger objects in the fastest way.

You need to promptly focus on consuming bigger things as soon as you are old enough. In levels with lots of structures, just focus on devouring them and you'll grow in no time.

We recommend that you avoid consuming other players and focus on the items available on the map. Consuming other players should only be done when the map is empty and conditions permit.

The maps

Hole.io has a list of maps enough to satisfy your strong fighting craving. The game offers a lot of different themes for you to choose from. They include post-apocalyptic wastelands, cities, farms, medieval themes, and more. To get started, simply select a map from the menu.


  • Join the game to become the master of the black hole.
  • Play a variety of maps set in different locations and eras.
  • Expand and absorb entire villages and cities
  • Game modes include a timer and battle royale.

Date of Publication

In June 2018, the game was first launched on mobile devices (iOS and Android). Since July 2018, the online version has been available.

Voodoo founded the developer Hole.io. You should also enjoy Paper.io, another fantastic.io game!

You can join Hole.io on platforms like Web browser Android iOS


Is it possible to play Hole.io online?

Yes, you may play Hole.io on both your browser and mobile devices.

Are the gamers on Hole.io genuine or bots?

Bots are the other players in Hole.io.

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How to play

  • Use your mouse to move.