Pixel Mine Challenge

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Pixel Mine Challenge


Pixel Mine Challenge is a fun parkour game. Conquer with 49 levels of increasing difficulty. You need to move wisely to avoid lava and overcome all obstacles.

Game Intro

Join Steve on an incredible excursion in Minecraft's underworld. The setting is extremely hazardous, with lava all around. To avoid falling down, you must skilfully balance on the cubes. With only one false step, you're out of the game. Your main goal is to go to the violet doorway at the other end of the road. Forget about your fear and leap from one platform to the next. This game will need you to use all of your brains and agility to finish over fifty fascinating levels.

Specifically how to play the game

Do you enjoy playing the pixel blocks jumping game? Now is your moment to show off your array of talents and try to escape from Pixel Mine Challenge! This is a fantastic game about Steve's experiences in Minecraft's dungeons. Once again, you must hop on block platforms to escape the deep underworld, where you are surrounded by solid hot lava and a sea of perils. Make every effort to avoid falling! At high altitude, take on the most challenging obstacles. Can you overcome the challenges? Have fun playing this game on our website!

Pixel Mine Challenge encourages us to participate in an amazing 3D platform and adventure game inspired by the popular Minecraft game, in which you must control Steve and assist him in reaching the exit door while jumping over perilous levels positioned on a volcano's incandescent lava.

Test your reflexes, move with precision, avoid losing your balance at all times, and attempt to overcome a total of 50 incredibly special levels full with traps that will give you an adrenaline rush like no other.

Release Date

February 2022


BigMetalGames developed this game


Web browser

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How to play

  • WASD = move
  • Space = jump (hold longer for a higher jump)
  • P = pause