World Craft 2


World Craft 2 is a fork of the famous Minecraft game. Now you can go on an endless adventure with your vivid imagination. Arousing a never-ending sense of adventure.

World Craft 2 intro

Today we proudly present another version of the Minecraft game released by AngryGamez developer.

With World Craft 2, you can unleash your creativity and unleash your imagination because you can build almost anything from blocks! Like a majestic picture, an unlimited landscape with hills, rivers, forests, hills, sea, and more is waiting for you. You can even create a new river or erase a mountain in just a few taps! In this block game, the only limitation you need to overcome is your creativity! What exactly can you expect? Start lighting your imagination up and beyond now!

World Craft 2 gameplay


This game is the amazingly perfect continuation of the legendary Minecraft game. In World Craft 2, we have created a huge and fascinating world that you can explore!

If you are a skilled craftsperson. Winter Exploration World Craft is now available. Demonstrate your cube-making abilities by creating your ideal city, garden, or house, and then calling your pals. Play new adventures with your pals. - Making a Cube - Improved Graphics - New World

If you enjoy Minecraft, you will enjoy this adventure game. You will need to mine minerals in order to construct buildings, farms, and even entire towns. Explore four distinct maps while looking for everything you require. You hold the entire universe in your hands!

How can I start playing World Craft 2?

World Craft 2 is an unlimited world game in which you gather resources to create and decorate structures.

Features of World Craft 2

  • There are four distinct worlds to explore.
  • Many products have numerous applications
  • Create whatever you desire.
  • Beautiful music

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How to play

  • Mouse

    • MOVE THE MOUSE to reposition the camera.
    • LEFT CLICK to mine a resource.
    • RIGHT CLICK to use an object or resource.
  • Keyboard

    • PRESS THE ARROW KEYS OR W, A, S, D to move.
    • PRESS THE SPACEBAR to jump.
    • PRESS THE E button to inspect your inventory.