Mine Clone 4


With Mine Clone 4 you will be able to create your own world. Get creative in this digital sandbox world. Build different structures and create your own city.

We have long been familiar with the style of Minecraft game series. The adventure, exploring the endless world and creating different items and structures is that familiarity. And with Mine Clone 4, that goal is no exception

You will start your game with the Main Menu. Here, you can modify your gameplay with a variety of attractive and diverse options. Please select the Random World Generator option. First, choose a game mode. Next, we choose the basic level option that gives you a light and relaxing playing experience. While choosing the basic option with the opponent leads to the birth of the crowd. Then select the global size and the time period of a day. And the last step you need to choose a biome to test your skills.

We offer several solutions available to you. When you're ready for the new level, click the play button at the bottom of the screen to start your adventure. You start by moving around the map, gathering resources and creating different objects. You should start your build with simple and low-resource architectures. Focus on gradually increasing your resources so that you can build larger and more complex structures. A large farm or a residential area are also good suggestions. Make full use of the resources you can gather. Sometimes, finding the use of an item that you do not know is also certain interesting things during the game.

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Release Date

May 29, 2019


  • Colorful pictures

  • The game is highly entertaining and relaxing

  • Allows customization of the play world

  • Intuitive controls

How to play

  • To travel across the map, use the WASD keys.
  • Mouse scroll up to switch weapons
  • Left mouse button to attack
  • Right mouse button to place an item
  • 1234 to use accessory
  • To build/remove blocks, use the left/right mouse button.
  • To access your inventory, press the E key.
  • When in the water, use the SPACE BAR to jump or swim.
  • To conceal the UI, use the U key.
  • Esc to open the menu