Pull'em All


Pull'em All is a simple game that tests your mental and physical stamina where you will be able to drag everything, including fruits, vegetables, objects,...

Published by MagicAnt.Inc., Pull'em All Mod is a fun game. Because to its straightforward gameplay, the game has garnered a lot of praise from both experts and players since its initial release. But so captivating, fascinating.

Playing this game will help you develop the perseverance you need to face future surprises and overcome any obstacles. Pull'em All - Removes everything from the earth. You can drag a wide variety of objects in the game. They could be fruits, items, or even creatures. even large rocks. To lift them up, you must use all of your strength. To find the fastest and simplest approach to start something, you may need to mix your sensitivity and intelligence.

This game appears to be pretty straightforward at first, yet its distinctive gameplay makes it incredibly compelling. They will initially seem as simple as children's games to you. The subsequent stages, however, are not straightforward, as you will discover as you go through them. Players find it to be a tremendous difficulty.


The gameplay is simple but very unique

Various maps and levels of play

Relaxing sounds

How to play

To pull the objects, click and hold.