How to make a paper minecraft

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How to make a paper minecraft


How to make a paper Minecraft is one of the questions that many players ask when playing the game Minecraft in its versions and here are our instructions.

It is very simple to make paper in Minecraft. First, you need to find sugar cane, which is usually found near rivers. Just place three sugar canes in a row on the crafting table. Simple as that. You can create a lot of things with paper such as books, which is the first step in order to do enchantment. And maps, which are very important to explore the world. The recipe to make a normal map is nine papers. To make a Locator map, you need one compass in the center of the crafting table, and fill the rest of the slots with papers. Another usage of paper is to make fireworks. Just place the paper into the crafting table and gunpowder. You can put more gunpowder if you want to increase flight duration.

Paper Minecraft is one of the most prominent 2D versions of the Minecraft game that is noticed by many people because of its similarities with the existing 3D version.

Features of Paper Minecraft

  • 2D graphics
  • Two different skins
  • Various custom maps from other players
  • Lots of resources and tools

How to play

  • AD or left and right arrow keys to move
  • W or up arrow key to jump
  • Left-click to dig or place blocks
  • E to open inventory or chests
  • F to eat and hold an item
  • Space to split an item from the stack in the crafting menu