Digdig.io is an entertaining io game with extremely diverse game modes. Your task is to dig deep and grow constantly to climb to the top of the leaderboard.

How to play Digdig.io

Digdig.io is a fun game in which you compete for territory with other players in order to become larger. Becoming the strongest character is the ultimate goal of every player when participating in this game. Be cautious of other players, and avoid them if you are not as large as them since they may easily defeat you. Go absorb the red regions since they will make you stronger. FFA and Team Deathmatch are the presently available modes.

Grow and dig

Move your mouse around and collect water to start developing. There are also more materials that will increase your armor and speed up your growth. Avoid lava since it will decrease your life force. When you reach a certain size, you may begin competing with other players for extra points! We need to be fully prepared before going to war with dangerous opponents. Pay attention to your health and armor carefully to ensure the best preparation.

Alter the game modes

digdig.io includes more than simply the standard FFA games seen in many IO games.

  • Every digger for themselves, according to FFA.
  • TDM - form a squad TAG - hide and seek!
  • Battle Royale - the last survivor is the winner.
  • Maze - all players are trapped in a maze


  • Earn points by expanding your digger.
  • Various resources to assist you in becoming stronger
  • Accomplishments for your progress
  • Diverse and attractive game modes.

The game FAQ

Release Date

July 2021


Matheus Valadares is the issuer of the digdig.io.


Web browser (on desktop and mobile)

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How to play

  • Move: use your mouse
  • Accelerate: hold the left mouse button
  • Brake: hold the right mouse button