Kogama: Crazy Coasters

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Kogama: Crazy Coasters


Kogama: Crazy Coasters is the perfect combination with Minecraft of the Kogama. You step on the roller coaster and start your adventure into the pixel world.

You are familiar with the games from Kogama, and today, we are pleased to introduce to you a game Kogama: Crazy Coasters is a very new game. You can return to this kingdom and choose for yourself a favorite roller coaster. Right after that, you'll be on a roller coaster adventure to the pixel world with amazing things waiting for you. This adventure also has a certain destination which is the pennant. You have to touch it first to be the winner.

Different platforms have different influences, which makes for an incredibly dynamic and exciting game. In addition to this amazing Kogama, you can have as much fun as you like and explore each roller coaster ride.

Release date

The game was released in May 2015


Kogama is the developer of this game.


Web browser

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How to play

  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Space bar to jump
  • K to suicide
  • O to toggle fullscreen