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MineEnergy.fun intro

MineEnergy.fun free game is modeled after Minecraft. You will be involved in the extraction of resources, or buy them from the shop. From there, you can install generators to generate energy and place blocks to sell to exchange resources and energy for cash. What's more, you get to buy new generators, armor, auto miner and better tools. Besides Tesla walls and coils can help you protect your buildings. Do not forget to use ore to get resources: uranium ore, diamond ore, gold ore, coal ore, iron ore. In which, each ore type has a dedicated mining machine for automatic resource extraction. And most of all, you must not forget that manual generators must be placed where people can interact with them to generate power.

The story of MineEnergy.fun

There are more interesting in-game features than just endless rounds of death. Create a network of generators across the map to start your own mining business. Spend the money you earn from selling resources on substantial upgrades. Install automatic defenses around the perimeter of the base to deter intruders. Your ultimate goal is to become the most powerful force in the energy world and know all the skills to overcome the fierce competitors in the market.

Mine resources, purchase them from the shop, install generators for the creation of energy, and place selling blocks to exchange resources and energy for cash. Purchase new generators, armor, automatic miners, and better tools. Walls and Tesla coils can help you protect your buildings.

Resources can be obtained from ores, such as coal, iron, gold, diamond, and uranium.

Each type of ore has a dedicated miner for automatic resource extraction.

Titanium mining industry

This game successfully combines top-down fighting elements with mining, crafting, and building elements. This method is strikingly comparable to the legendary game Minecraft. Furthermore, it is supported by a shared visual aesthetic. Developers need to modify the experience for a different web-based format. Because it is designed for shorter sessions, users can make significant progress in relatively little time.

Features of the MineEnergy.fun

We will have the initial comments about this game as follows:

  • Play in a fun way with simple controls and clear rules.
  • The sense of accomplishment brought about by continued growth in many areas.
  • Many types of ores must be mined with specialized equipment
  • There are six types of armor, providing varying degrees of protection.
  • There are several devices for harnessing the power of wind, water, sun, and other natural forces.
  • Even the most beloved multiplayer arenas can't compare to the ultimate pack. We come from every country in the world, join this game and compete with characters who are good warriors and above all are businessmen.

How to play MineEnergy.fun

Moving, of course, requires the use of the WASD keys. You press LMB to attack the enemy. The ultimate mission is to earn more money than all other players. Therefore, you need to really maximize the speed of production to make it happen.

You start by manually using a pickaxe to smash blocks. Once you have earned the required amount of iron, you can purchase more efficient tools. Don't forget to take advantage of it to get more and more valuable resources. Coal, gold, diamonds and other resources are the most important ones. Buy advanced things, keep progressing gradually and start trading stably. On the other hand, you are required to create really strong walls and tesla coils to prevent enemies from destroying your base.

The Game FAQ

We all know that creating simple online actions is not too difficult nowadays. However, in this version, the developer has done a very delicate job and really created a very good depth story for their game.

And luckily, They make MineEnergy.fun accessible to all users without charge. Open it in Firefox or Chrome and leave it open in a regular tab. Use all your intelligence to build a solid empire and climb the leaderboards.

Release Date?

MineEnergy.fun was originally released in April 2020.


K&S Games developed this game.


Web browser

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How to play

  • WASD to move

  • Left mouse button to attack

  • E to open Shop menu