World Craft


World Craft is an exciting survival game in which you have to explore, build and survive. Collect resources, build shelves and fight zombies and monsters.

This game opens a freedom window for you to let you create and survive. Starting the game, you should exploit all precious materials and minerals by using your axe. You can use these materials within the game area to build your dream infrastructures, such as castles, skyscrapers, forts, and parks. Ensure that these buildings are safe and able to protect you because various monsters and zombies will try to attack you when night comes. Besides that, you also collect food when being hungry. Food will be available in the game area if you work hard. The food source can be from killing wild animals, planting seeds, and growing crops.

Create your unique world and protect it!

Features of World Craft

  • Exciting survival game
  • Various monsters and zombies
  • Day and night cycle

How to play

  • Move: WASD
  • Jump: space bar
  • Inventory: Q
  • Crafting: C
  • Toggle Flying: R
  • Destroy block: Left mouse button
  • Place block: right mouse button
  • Select inventory block: 1,2,3...
  • Esc: pause menu