Mister Noob Archer


Mister Noob Archer brings us an exciting adventure of his friend Noob. You will also him become the only archer left to fight the army of dangerous zombies.

The beginning of the story

In the game Mister Noob Archer, our hero must escape the evil in the world! Every area of your world has been overrun by waves of murderous zombies, and only you, with your incredible shooting abilities, have a chance to assist our courageous archer escape them.

Killer zombies have taken over your planet. You are a courageous sniper. You must assist a hero in his quest to rid the planet of wicked zombies. Raise your bow and shoot precisely in order to kill evil and restore a beautiful, peaceful world! You may demonstrate your abilities and physics skills here. Follow carefully to be able to destroy all the zombies hidden with arrows.
You will need to aim carefully and exercise all of your physics knowledge in order to strike the target and kill all of the zombies. Accurately aim, detonate explosive blocks, and fire arrows. Try to complete all of the levels. They are becoming increasingly difficult, so prepare to clear your globe of all the vicious zombies.

Gameplay Suggestions

Master your physics and practice your bow shooting and throwing abilities, you must shoot precisely, burst dynamite blocks, and make arrows pop in order to reach the most concealed zombies and make your way through hundreds of levels. Increasingly difficult stages to rid the globe of all the nasty people. Have fun playing this game here!

Mister Noob Archer is one of the Minecraft games we've chosen for you to play at Paper Minecraft for free.

How to play

  • Use the mouse