Kitten Hide And Seek

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Kitten Hide And Seek


Kitten Hide And Seek is an online hide-and-seek puzzle game. Your goal is to assist the little girl in escaping while avoiding being located by the kitten's hunt.

In this game, you assume the character of a charming girl who unintentionally entered a parallel universe. Everything seemed to be backwards. Everything that was small and manageable to carry with one hand at home seemed gigantic in this location. Only a large cat, which could easily take the child whole, did the girl come across. She was very afraid of him, but in vain. He demonstrated that he was incredibly funny and cheeky. The big cat persuaded Thumbelina to play hide-and-seek in the kitchen. She has so never had fun!

Would you like to participate in their delightful and interesting time with them? then go ahead! The girl will begin to move independently. And you'll help the cat hide when she appears on the screen. You can slink away from the numerous delicacies and household items on the table. Remember to collect gold coins as well. They can assist you in saving money for a new dress and making purchases for your modest house. Ensure that you have everything you need to be a hide-and-seek master! Have fun playing!


Fascinating levels in excess of 100

Accessible offline

How to play

To play, use your mouse or your finger