SlitherCraft.io is a game with attractive gameplay of the Slitherio genre and takes on the theme of Minecraft legend. The charm of this game is hard to resist!

This is SlitherCraft.io, yes you did not read it wrong. That's what happens when two of the most popular games come together into a single game. The two top games harmonize their ethos in a one-of-a-kind release. That's where you need to collect as many squares as possible to increase your length. What a bold and innovative version indeed. Slither gives you extremely attractive and engaging gameplay. It is really addictive for the players. Besides, Minecraft brings the familiar pixel graphics but never stops being hot. A promising combination is full of charm.

The goal of this game is that you have to become the last survivor by destroying your opponents. Move your square snake skillfully in search of food to make it grow fast and strengthen. At the same time, please stay away from TNT explosive blocks. You won't have a happy ending if you accidentally touch it. However, TNT is also something that you launch to destroy your opponent. Choose the right time to launch at the right time to take down your opponents. Join thousands of other players worldwide today!

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Features of SlitherCraft.io

  • Minecraft Theme
  • Throw TNT at your opponent
  • Various custom skins to wear
  • Fun .io game and free development

How to play

  • Use your mouse to play this game.
  • Move mouse: move
  • Left mouse button: accelerate
  • Right mouse button: throw TNT
  • Enter: chat