Mine Blocks


Mine Blocks is an exciting survival and creative game based on the Minecraft series in which you have to collect surrounding material to build and fight.

Mine Blocks: Awesome 2D version of Minecraft

You can explore vast areas with hills and jungles, and dark dungeons filled with amazing animals and riches. What's more, the portals to other universes in this game are truly places where only the most daring adventurers dare enter. The game has features typical of Minecraft, but it also has many unique elements.

The story of Mine Blocks

Mine Blocks may be a game inspired by the popular video game Minecraft. Despite the similar gameplay and display, this is a simple genuine 2D version with a lot of unique extra elements that you wouldn't expect.

Do you feel Minecraft is too difficult or slow to play? Mine Blocks might just be what you're looking for! This game originally consisted of mining and crafting. However, Mine Blocks also includes extremely worthwhile extras like battle and boss modes! You can also use Mining Blocks to build your own world and invite your friends to join. The game will be much more interesting when teammates stand together in all situations of the game. Now, the Minecraft server may have become your own server. But fortunately, we don't have to worry about complicated configuration tweaks.

The gameplay of Mine Blocks

Like games based on the Minecraft series, this game follows the cool pixelated style. However, Mine Blocks features two game modes: survival and creative mode.

To be ready to survive well through dozens, many days, many nights, you search and exploit non-stop. Resources are the premise for us to create tools and items for the opposite purpose of mining. Complex formulas if you don't already know, the wiki is a quick and effective solution. In addition, resources are also used to make weapons. Zombies, skeletons... will quickly surround you if you hesitate.

In the second mode of the game, where you will freely explore many places and exploit the endless resources created yourself. When in this mode, players are free to use all their imagination to build a new world according to their intentions. In this mode, you will not die, and you can fly around the map by double-tapping "W" or "Space." You can imagine and build a world with a castle, skyscraper, park, and various infrastructure in this mode.

The special Mine Blocks

The game offers an incredible 2D experience. It is truly unique when it comes to all the fun of both worlds. The game includes a full range of elements including crafting, sandboxing, 2D games, action, and adventure games, all of which are extremely attractive. The main theme of Mine Blocks is to exploit materials and use them to create items for world creation. You can also build anything in your mind. With Mine Blocks, your imagination will take a flight to no destination and it is endless.

Features of Mine Blocks

  • Survival and creative mode to play alone!
  • Generate random numbers!
  • There are almost 200 blocks and items!
  • Monsters and animals! Overworld, nether, and ender vines!
  • Uncompromising Dragon Battle!
  • Skins were specially created for sharing on the internet!

Mine Blocks FAQ

Is Mine Blocks almost like the original Minecraft?

Mine Blocks has many similarities with the original Minecraft game. It is mostly inspired by Minecraft, however, it adds many unique features and provides a fun 2D twist on the original game. When playing this game, the work is summed up in two words "exist" and "create".

When will Mine Blocks come out?

Release date: Nov 21, 2021.

Mine Blocks was created by whom?

Mine Blocks is a 2D sandbox game released in June 2011 by indie game developer Zanzlanz. The concept was inspired by the well-known Minecraft game.


Web browsers, Android, iOS, Windows.

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How to play

  • AD or left and right arrow keys to move. Sprint by double-tapping A or D
  • W or up arrow key to jump
  • Left-click to dig or place blocks
  • Place blocks by selecting a block in your Hotbar, and right-clicking on an empty space in the world
  • E to open inventory or chests. Here you can craft items and equip armor
  • F to eat and hold an item
  • Space to split an item from the stack in the crafting menu
  • Use an item or eat food by selecting the item in your Hotbar and right-clicking and holding. You can review and change your
  • controls in the settings menu
  • Collect resources by clicking and holding on to nearby blocks or creatures. Use the right tools for the right job