Minecraft Tower Defense 2

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Minecraft Tower Defense 2


Minecraft Tower Defense 2 is a charismatic tower defense game based on the game Minecraft. You will also join Steve to continue fighting the army of monsters.

We would like to extend our warm greetings and welcome you once again to Minecraft Tower Defense 2.

Minecraft Tower Defense 2 is a fun tower defense game based on the popular Minecraft video game. After leaving Happyville, pixel hero Steve returns in Minecraft Tower Defense 2, and you must assist him in defeating legions of fearsome monsters. Dig a maze-like path through green fields, placing mines and traps to deter invaders.

In the original version, you had three almost identical maps to play with, each with eight things. There are now over 16 completely different maps with a total of 18 objects to test!

Minecraft Tower Defense 2 is a tower defense game based on the popular video game Minecraft. In this game, you have to defend your house against the many and scary monsters in the Minecraft world, including creepers, wolves and zombies. Your initial task is to reach the destination by following a path there. This is the path the monsters will take to reach you (some levels will have pre-made paths that you also need to be wary of). Then you have to build fortifications to secure your house - if a certain number of monsters get close to your house, the game is over. Use your resources carefully to ensure you survive the night!

Earn coins to improve your blast tower defense while trying to survive every wave. Do you think you will be able to finish this exciting trip and withstand all the storms? Find out now and have fun playing this exciting online game!


Minecraft Tower Defense 2 was created by Microwave Games.


Web browser

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How to play

  • Left mouse button = Select from context menus (upgrades, traps, dispensers)

  • Arrow keys = Move camera