Trap Craft


In this Trap Craft game, test your wits by building the best line of defense you can do! Create a series of dangerous traps to prevent the onslaught of zombies.

In this game, the story begins when the zombie army is gradually taking over the Minecraft world. Meanwhile, there is a Hacker who is always trying to satisfy every desire of Princess and Noob, Pro or Herobrine and many more. That's why he invited them to a real challenge. The condition is that they need to protect the gateway from this dangerous army of zombies. If they successfully carry out that task, their wishes will be considered.

Now, everyone has a certain challenge for themselves. And that is the fascinating thing waiting to be discovered by you. You join the match with friendly pet animals. But not so that you forget your main task. That is to create and arrange a trap system to resist the attacks of the zombie army. You need to protect the Special Gate from blockages and plan your own defenses. Fortunately, you have a buffer before the attacks so that you can carefully set up your defense. Moreover, taming bow beasts also brings great joy to players. You play as a resilient guardian in this Minecraft world. It's worth a try and feel.

In addition to us placing traps in their path to kill zombies, we also made more money mining and built more traps. Tower defense against zombies is the most effective choice. The gameplay features a variety of Herobrine and Noob compared to Hacker Trap: Herobrine, Princess, Noob, Pro, Foxy and Imp have six adventures. You need to tame all 12 pets! This is really the complete game as a whole, not just a mere mod. The main characters all have an inventory of items. Weapons with unique powers Monsters of all kinds: from zombies to dragons! Entity 303 will be encountered at different levels.


To fight zombies, use handguns. Build towers to protect yourself.

Collect a large amount of gold coins before heading to the shops to buy your favorite products and high damage weapons.

Good luck and get to the finish line!


  • Colorful graphics that appear vintage

  • Several rounds of enemy

  • Thinking strategically is essential.

  • Addicting and entertaining gameplay


Is this game free to play?

Yes! Go to our website to play this game for free.

Release Date?

May 2022


The game was made by mango_x2.


You can play this game on Web browser

If required, refresh the page.

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How to play

  • WASD / arrow keys = move
  • Left-click = select
  • Hold and release left-click = place traps
  • Hold right-click and move mouse = rotate camera view