MineRoyale.io is a multiplayer battle royale game with Minecraft inspired graphics. Players mine materials, turn them into new tools and perform their tasks.

Information about the game

Mine Royale io is separated into rounds based on the Battle Royale rule. Furthermore, the style stated in the game MineRoyale.io requires all players to follow the rule of limiting the permissible play zone.

The core game concept is similar to Minecraft. That is, you must seek out and acquire resources in order to craft weapons, armor, and healing potions. All of this will help you face opponents in the ultimate battle. Because the game has a limited amount of time in each round, this conflict will almost probably take place quickly.

Instructions on how to play

The major aspects of the game Mine Royale io that you should be aware of from the start. 1. Pay close attention to the mines displayed on the map as lines. Wood may be found in these mines. 2. Dig your way to the center of the map using a pickaxe and dynamite. 3. Block the passage away from public property. 4. Use disguise (sneaking) to avoid being seen by opponents.

The danger zone, as in other Battle Royale games, is continually diminishing, so be cautious! Ascertain that you have adequate equipment to defeat the other players. Have a good time.

Alternative names: MineRoyale io, Minecraft Battle Royale

Release Date

December 2018


The Loonride made this exciting .io game.


  • Eye-catching 2D graphics
  • Use dynamite to destroy blocks
  • Multiplayer game mode
  • Highly competitive


Web browser

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How to play

  • Navigate using the keyboard buttons. Use the mouse to specify a square for any action.
  • Use the mouse wheel or numbers to select the item in your inventory.
  • Shift activates a disguise mode that allows you to go unnoticed.
  • Use the left mouse button for any action - dig, cut mushroom, blow up, fight.
  • E - create.