Fox Simulator 3D


Fox Simulator 3D is an amazing simulation game where you control a beautiful 3D fox. You are free to travel the islands as you like and explore at your will.

You may help farmers, hunt for wild animals for sustenance, and even establish a fox family! Find a partner and start a fox family. You may personalize and modify the appearance of your foxes, as well as boost your attributes like as attack power and health. This game has a lot of replay value and will keep you interested for hours - can you raise a strong fox and survive on the island?

Make your own fox and go out on an adventure. For study, a huge area including forest, rivers, farmland, and farms is accessible. Hunt for animals, start a family, and train your fox and family members. Perform various chores to gain strength. Discover what it's like to be a fox with the new Fox Family 3D animal simulator.

Summary of characters

You may change the fox's look anyway you like. There are various skins to select from, including white fox, dark fox, red fox, fennec fox, and South African fox. You may change the fox's magical light to make it appear even more stunning. Furthermore, all fox criteria are regulated: paw thickness, tail, neck, abdomen size, nose, cheeks, and eyes.

The Fox family

If you discover another fox, you can start a family. When you have a family and gain experience as a fox, you will be able to have children. Your family members can assist you in fighting and hunting. There is a chance to improve the family's personalities. To do this, it is required to go hunting and collecting food in order to feed the children and the wife (husband, for the female character) in the future.

Improvements of characters

The game can enhance the individual traits of family members as well as attributes that influence all foxes in the family at the same time. Don't forget to polish the characters! Gain experience by doing activities and hunting. After gaining a level, the character can use it on attack points, energy, or life. There are also various talents that allow you to boost your pace, acquire more food, obtain more resources for game tasks, and so on.

Various animals

You will come across a variety of animals on your quest. On the farm, for example, you may see a chicken, rooster, chicken, cow, goat, ram, sheep, cat, dog, pig, horse, and, of course, humans. Along with the peaceful deer, wild boar, fox, goat, and sheep, you may encounter hazardous predators such as wolves, snakes, and even a big spider in the forest. But don't worry, the courageous fox will handle it!


  • A large island to discover

  • There are several wild creatures and individuals that you can attack.

  • Quests may be found all across the island.

  • Make your own fox family.

  • Improve your family members and personalize your look

Release Date

January 2018


Fox Simulator 3D and other fantastic simulators were created by CyberGoldfinch.


  • Web browser
  • Android

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How to play

  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Left click to attack
  • Space bar to jump
  • Shift to run