CrazySteve.io is a fast and fun-fighting multiplayer game. Minecraft's iconic character Steve organizes an explosive contest to find the true king of the war.

The release of CrazySteve.io

CrazySteve.io is a fun multiplayer game. Featuring Steve. He is considered the mascot of the famous game Minecraft. Your mission is to roam all the areas and collect red bombs to make TNT explosives. From that. you use them to blow up others. Then you need to collect the blue gems to make Steve bigger and bigger.

The good news is that you don't need to set up an account or log in to play CrazySteve.io. You can play alone or online with people from all over the world.

The gameplay of CrazySteve.io

CrazySteve.io is designed with fast and fun battles in mind. The goal of CrazySteve.io is to get as many points as possible while keeping your life. To do so, collect diamonds and apples that appear anywhere in your path. Remember that diamonds always cost more experience than apples, but apples can be used to restore your combat power. Each time an opponent is destroyed, a large number of diamonds will be dropped. And right now, you need to show off your skills. Scatter the surrounding chess pieces as far as possible. Make full use of bows, swords, or even fireballs to destroy all those obstacles. And of course, your reward will be precious diamonds from your own opponents. But also don't forget to pay attention to your health.

You will find that your size will gradually increase through the levels. At the same time, the ability to absorb diamonds and apples will also increase accordingly. However, increasing the size means that the character's activity speed will also be significantly slowed down. Now, it's ironic that you're threatened by smaller competitors. They are small but move very quickly and unpredictably. Therefore, the pioneer will be the one who starts his hunt as soon as possible. Set yourself a large enough target and smartly attack quickly. A large amount of apples and diamonds from such great opponents is always the best reward. Was the game going to be intense from the start?

The best plan is to blow away the biggest players, but won't they kill you while you're growing?

Some tips from CrazySteve.io

CrazySteve.io also allows you to destroy your own sword. You can launch four explosions at the same time. You can only throw a new one when one of them has exploded. There are many protection items scattered around the map. They include wood, iron or gold and the finest are diamonds. Collect and wear them or even sit in a trailer to be as safe as possible.

The game adds diamonds and apples continuously throughout the map. However, the mid-range area is usually the most crowded. It is more difficult to get diamonds in this area. So. Don't forget to check the edges of the map regularly to find locations with more abundant diamond reserves.

You can place six bombs at once and direct them in any direction you want. However, you must be wary of your own bombs. At the same time, you have to eliminate the opponent's bombs by setting traps and destroying them as quickly as possible.

Features of CrazySteve.io

  • Fun.io game with Minecraft 2D pixel images and Steve's head growable.
  • Fun game where you throw TNT at other people to blow them up.
  • To check the location of all players on the map, use the minimap.
  • Boost your speed at the cost of your experience bar

CrazySteve.io FAQ

Release Date

CrazySteve.io was published in March 2018.


K&S Games developed CrazySteve.io.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android

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How to play

  • Left click to throw TNT
  • Right click to boost speed
  • Key 1, Key 2 - Change weapon
  • Space - Hold to stop
  • Enter - Chat