GunFight.io is an exciting multiplayer shooting game based on the graphics of the legendary Minecraft game. You can join thousands of other players around the world.

GunFight.io is a great multiplayer sniper game that you can play online with your friends. Gunfight.io is a fun gunfight game with classic-style pixel graphics. We are sure that no one will turn on your fun mode. Join a match and choose a team with your close teammates.

Now you are presented with another io-branded shooter to launch fans. On the other hand, Gunfight.io's gameplay is completely fresh, surprising many players from the very beginning. The goal of the player in Gunfight.io is quite simple. Each group is assigned to one side of the railway line, where there are obstacles to assist you in concealment. Then use the sniper gun to aim at the opponent.

Gunfight.io will use several methods to determine which team will win depending on the game style. For example, after a certain amount of time, the team that kills the most enemies from the opponent or the team that kills the most pre-specified targets first wins. Gunfight.io has simple visuals with fun characters and animations. The image of characters with square heads, but thanks to the mix of many vivid colors, still matches the audiovisual criteria of the game. Start your match today.

Features of GunFight.io

  • 2D graphics
  • Creative game mode
  • Various attractive interface
  • Many customs designed
  • Many tools, options

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How to play

  • Controls AD or left/right arrow to move
  • Up and down arrow to go up / down a ladder
  • Right click to use your gun's zoom
  • Left click to shoot and use a rocket (by clicking the icon)