Bloo Kid 2


Bloo Kid 2 is a well-designed 2D retro platformer with a chiptune music. Travel across five enormous worlds, each with twelve stages, by running, jumping, and swimming.

Let's begin by providing some background information on our hero. He recently made contact with Pink Girl, the love of his life. Their work was going very well, until one point everything turned upside down. For Bloo Kid, life has become a constant adventure. We won't go into great detail about the game's story here, but we do encourage you to download it and play it to find out what happens to our characters. Everything has been done to recreate the ambience of the original game. And in general, the game itself will remind you a lot of Mario and Sonic in the old days. Believe me, they are very funny characters, and our Bloo Kid shows off their best features.

Bloo Kid 2, which is available on your preferred gaming device. It is a well-crafted 2D retro-style platformer game with a complete chiptune soundtrack and lovely styled pixel graphics. Navigate through FIVE enormous worlds, each with twelve levels, by running, jumping, and swimming. In the universe of Bloo Kid 2, master harsh bossfights and unearth a wealth of secrets.


  • Five created worlds with twelve levels each are included in Bloo Kid 2
  • Vibrant pixel art
  • Complete chiptune music epic boss fights
  • Several secrets

How to play

  • To move, press Left or Right
  • To jump, press "Up"
  • Press the bottom to exit platforms
  • When in the air, press up to perform a double leap
  • To swim, press up while submerged
  • Jump on adversaries to defeat them