Black Stallion Cabaret

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Black Stallion Cabaret


Black Stallion Cabaret is a puzzle-merging game in which you'll traverse the Wild West in a black steam locomotive loaded with dancers and slay evil dragons.

There are gorgeous dancers filling the entire train car! It's your responsibility to transport the dancers across the nation so they can amuse and shield townspeople from monsters. In the game's main mode, you must combine objects you make in the workshop to raise their level and enhance dancers, weapons, and the workshop. You need weapons to protect yourself from the numerous enemies you'll encounter along the route. You have 30 seconds to defeat a squad of monsters in the automatic combat. You can purchase new train cars and upgrade the existing ones with information. Enhance your armored train to defend the dancers!

Get ready to save everyone! The cabaret where several dancers are imprisoned is being invaded by vicious beasts. Bring them home on your train. Will you be able to transport them to safety?


  • 2D vibrant graphics
  • Unlockable bonuses
  • Puzzle game featuring story-like gameplay and action-packed narration

Release Date

June 2022


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Release Date

June 22, 2022

How to play

To combine objects or shoot in the air, click left on the item.