City Idle Tycoon


City Idle Tycoon is an entertaining idle game where you must purchase buildings in order to gather money, grow your empire, and become a business tycoon.

Welcome to the idle construction tycoon time management, money-making, and empire-building game! Here you can grow your company and amass the most iconic structures.

In the entertaining idle game City Idle Tycoon, you must populate an island by erecting a variety of structures on it. You are in command of a sizable island brimming with opportunities in this no-download online game. You only have enough money to construct on one of the available blocks, but as soon as people live there, you will continue to make money.

Every building has a different set of metrics, which has an impact on the total revenue a city generates. To make a lot of money, you may create a purely residential neighborhood inside a metropolis or a posh commercial district. A building can be expanded to change its appearance and boost its stats.

Manage your city building business and your idle profit to get to the position of industrial city builder billionaire!


  • Simple to use city building simulation
  • Create lovely towns
  • Fun Idle Tycoon is a free to play game
  • Playing the game is intuitive and includes difficult challenges, quests, awards, and achievements
  • Idling mechanics, tap tap
  • Even when you are offline, get idle cash
  • Prestige attribute
  • No need for an internet connection

How to play

Use the mouse