Connect Hagi and Kisi

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Connect Hagi and Kisi


Connect Hagi and Kisi a cute and enjoyable puzzle game. You must turn the platform so that Huggy and Kissy can interact with one another and become a couple.

Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy have both been transformed into fluffy balls in this puzzle game, which is divided into 60 stages of complexity. Your objective is to get the two of them to join in order to pass each level.

To accomplish that, click, hold, and drag the mouse to rotate the screen. If you're using a finger to play on a mobile device, do the same. Naturally, your goal is to prevent the two balls from coliding with one other or falling off the screen, both of which would result in the level being lost.

I sincerely hope you enjoy playing this puzzle game with these well-known characters. I hope you enjoy the game and have success in clearing all sixty levels. To ensure that your friends have fun, you may share this game with them. If you enjoy playing games that are similar to this one, you can also like it.


Physical puzzle

How to play

PC browsers: Hold the mouse and rotate the level

Mobile devices: Click on the screen and rotate the level