Crowd Lumberjack

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Crowd Lumberjack


Crowd Lumberjack is a fun 3D game where you use your axe to explore the world. Cut down trees, gather wood for homes, create stunning towns, and discover new islands!

A one-finger 3D stickman game called Join Lumberjack is available. Because of the auto chop and construction mechanism, it has a very simple control system and goes swiftly. Grab your phone, launch the game, chop down trees, rally your team, and build amazing things!

Become a powerful figurehead who is followed by the largest throng on this island. Joins the island's entire crew of lumberjacks. Increase the power of your units. Speed ​​up the crowd. You can develop a city more quickly if there are lots of woodcutters.

You'll need to cut down trees and gather wood in order to create a house on an island in this entertaining building game! Hit game creation with a sledgehammer! To boost the number of loggers in your crowd, engage the best to develop games. Clear some trees to stay on par with the rest of the group. Create lovely urban areas and seek out new itch sources. For you to discover, it makes games!


  • Stickman games' addictive gameplay
  • 3D stickman with realistic ragdolls
  • Easy, fluid one-finger control
  • Sharp, informal graphics
  • By improving your stickmen lumberjacks, create a team
  • Create the city of your dreams
  • Amazing gifts and rewards

How to play

To play this game, you can either use your mouse or the "W, A, S, and D" keys.