Doodle God: Good Old Times

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Doodle God: Good Old Times


Doodle God: Good Old Times is a variation of the addicting doodle games where you must apply logic to solve problems, add new components, and reshape the universe.

Create a medieval world with beer, yes beer, siege towers, troops, peasants, catapults, and taverns as you build a kingdom of castles and knights. In this original puzzle and world-building game, there are hundreds of components to combine and match. Begin as a lowly become a noble Lord or powerful Knight become a noble Lord or powerful Knight. Create a fantasy medieval world by erecting majestic castles.

You must combine a variety of different objects from the game's inventory to create your own unique environment. You are beginning the process of creating your own land, which you will later rule as a great king. Develop your castles and take control of your medieval domain. The game has straightforward gameplay and appealing visuals. You are responsible for solving everything and resolving the puzzles.

You don't need to download anything to play this game for free. Invite your friends to participate in our game!


Game of puzzles

Unlocking various stuff several possible combinations



Release Date

May 29, 2018

How to play

To pick components and create reactions, you can use your finger or a mouse.